Bambini Baby Cologne...

Its been a while since I last published a product review, been busy with work and other commitments, but now, I'm back with a new product that I am so excited to introduce and recommend to everyone.Especially to Moms out there. So here's what went on, I participated in a product test conducted by Smart Parenting for a Baby Cologne Brand. They chose 10 moms who were actively participating in their Smart Parenting Community and Facebook Village (page)to participate, and I was one of the chosen few. WOW!!! Smart Parenting sent us a bagfull of Colognes in 5 Variants, each Variants have 3 sizes (125ml, 50ml and 25ml),which makes it 15 bottles in a bag. We were given a week to test the products on our school aged kids, and we were invited to have a snack in UCC in Estancia mall in Pasig City,to share our experiences and thoughts about the Product that was sent to us.. Please click on the link to read on the full article writen by Miss Maita de Jesus, enjoy!!

A Great New Addition to my Nightly Skin Care, Mumuso 92% Cucumber Moisturizing Gel

As a mom, its very normal for Us, to put our kids and hubbies first in the list of our priorities, to the point that we tend to forget to give ourselves a break or a little "Me time". Sometimes, sa sobrang busy natin sa pag-aalaga at pag aasikaso sa bahay, we tend to just let the day end without even washing our face or sometimes we forget to take a bath.And there are times, we wish to at least have a little time for ourselves, kahit makapagpahinga man lang.

And Yes, I wish the same thing for myself too. And I made it a point to make this simple wish come true. I know I deserve it (and you deserve it too), after a long day of Mommy duties (and in my case a home based freelancer) and work.  By making sure that after I put my kids to bed, I make time to do my nightly skin care routine, no matter how tired I am. And guess what, I found a great way to actually hydrate and moisturize my skin and feel super refreshed and rewarded every night, and wake up to a softer and moisturiz…

The Food Hive, rainy afternoon Review

With our very busy schedules, pinaka bonding day na namin ang Sunday,when we attend church and eat out after. We also love to take our kids to the park and let them run and mapagod hanggang sa sila na mismo ang mag ayang kumain. Our family loves to eat and try new and different places. My hubby and I would tirelessly search the internet for places na pwede namin subukan at dalhin ang kids to eat and have fun at. And one of the places that we found using our bestfriend google, is the Food Hive in Quezon City.
We were really excited to visit the Food Hive, for its just in Visayas Ave, Quezon City... Malapit lang where we live.

So we planned our visit to the Food Hive, and when we arrived to the place, the first thing that caught my attention and got me really excited was the banner at the parking area,na may faces ng mga celebrity chefs. Sabi ko ay bongga, mukhang masarap nga ang mga foods,since hindi naman siguro papayag ang mga celeb chefs na ma-associate sa place kung hindi very goo…

Boxes of Happiness

Whenever I do my shopping online, I often see Online US Platforms that offer box subscriptions of all types. From Food, Cleaning materials, Personal Hygiene to Cosmetics and more. This online stores or websites actually offers subscriptions of either monthly, quarterly or yearly depending on the budget of the subscriber.

What I also find to be amusing is that, these online stores actually give samples of their products for FREE,to their new subscribers and returning buyers. And their sample items are not like those of bite size products that we get in taste tests, these Online Stores actually give out full sizes of the products that they are selling.  And because I often encounter these websites, it got me thinking, do we have the same service or stores online that offer the same kind of subscriptions to its buyers?  So I tried to consult everyone's best friend online, Google,  and search for box subscriptions   and websites here in the Philippines. Luckily, I found a lot of amaz…

How I started as an Online Freelancer / Virtual Assistant

As someone who was forced to turn her back from her precious and very hectic office job as a Human Resource Officer in a big Corporation, to be a stay-home Mom and an Online Freelancer, I can say that, taking the first step was very hard. I struggled to learn how to divide my attention between my three kids, household chores, school activities and work. I had to buy a cork board, white board and a wall clock to manage my time and schedule,and make sure that I don't forget anything. And after 6 years, I can now confidently say, that I got the hang of being an Online Freelancer mom.
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It was in the year 2011 when my life as an Online Freelancer started, it was when I got pregnant with my second child. I had a very sensitive pregnancy, and I needed to stop working. The commute and stress from work, made me bled and almost lost my baby. My husband needed to step his foot firmly on the ground to make me agree to stop working. And just after a couple …

Review: Olay Rose and Milky White Body Wash

Hi Everyone! Recently, I was offered to review a product for a well known Skin and Body Brand, the Olay Rose & Milky White Body Wash... I actually promised the sample lady that I will write about this product for her... And as promised here it is..

So I was in a mall event that I organized for a client, when a lady in pinkish white top approached me and asked (Lets call her Ate Sample), if I use Body Wash whenever I take a shower. Since I was in a middle of a project, and at the same time I don't want to look rude,I casually answered YES... (Not that I don't use Body Wash, I just felt like I was caught in a bad time, because we were actually having technical problems when she asked about the body wash thing...) Then Ate Sample asked me again, if I have heard about Olay before, uhmmm, Yes,I did, I replied. Then she asked me if I have heard and tried to use Olay Rose & Milky White Body Wash (Whitening Product) before, this time it actually made me stop, I have been a loy…

Online Freelancing (Virtual Assistance) vs Networking

I've been a Virtual Assistant for more than 4 years, and I love every bit of it. Isa ito sa mga major decisions na ginawa ko sa buhay ko. Especially, when I became a mom.
And for the past months, a lot of my friends and people asked me, What is Virtual Assistance? Is it a Job or a Raket? How do you do it? Why? Baket?? Ano ba pinakaiba ng Networking sa Online job? Homebased? Ano yun?

Unang una po, hindi po Raket ang pagiging Virtual Assistant. Isa po itong trabaho. Let me be clear I have nothing against Networkers, I am a networker myself, and I consider networking as one of my major source of income, pero lets define the difference between Virtual Assistance (Online Freelancing) and Networking...
Napansin ko,especially sa mga Social Media, and News, ginagamit ng mga nag-aadvertise na mga Networkers ang term na "Hombeased Work", tama naman yun, ang pag nenetworking, Homebased job yan, kung saan nag iinvite ka ng mga pwedeng maging downline o members ng group mo for a cer…